Membership types


Service memberships are available to current and former members of the Australian Defence Force and Allied Armed Forces with a minimum of 6 months service.

Affiliate memberships are available to relatives of a person who was eligible to be a Service member of the League. Affiliate memberships are also available to members of emergency services (Police, Fire Brigade, CFA, Ambulance and/or SES).

Social memberships are available to any member of the community who wishes to join an RSL Sub-Branch.  

Community memberships are available only at Sub-Branches that provide Gaming facilities.



  • Discounts on drink purchases.
  • Discounts on meals.
  • Entrance into weekly Member's draw (Once drawn, you have 3 minutes to claim your prize)*
  • Fantastic Member monthly prizes
  • Entrance to state-wide competitions. 
  • Earn points on all transactions.
  • No signing in required - just swipe your card at the kiosk

* (Not available to Community Members)

Membership Costs are $5 for Community and $10 for Social, Service and Affiliate.